Stephanie says they were always inevitable.  Cass says she’s a sap, but she secretly thinks so too.


make me choose: anonymous asked clint barton or kate bishop?

Who else would be calling your sad ass?

Trust me.


i just want to talk about iris west and creation and ownership—basically about iris and her work, especially since work is so central to understanding many of the characters in the flash. (my idea is that eventually iris will end up in long form journalism and will either have a column in a leading national newspaper or will go the freelance route.)

if iris is the one who’s going to be reporting on the flash, if she’s going to be the primary source for the flash, then she’s going to be the one leading the discourse on him, the one who helps construct the flash’s public narrative. like when you think about shakespeare and criticism you think stephen greenblatt and ania loomba, when you think about film you think laura mulvey, and when you think about watershed political exposes you think woodward and bernstein and their work on watergate. well in the cw flash-verse, if you’re a citizen in central city then when you think of the flash, you’re gonna think of iris west—you go to her blog, you read her columns or articles, you consider her thoughts. iris will be/is instrumental in like creating/constructing who the flash is. she’s integral to the public shaping of his identity and mediates that space between him and the public, her reading public.

and years later, when people think about the relationship between superheroes and the cities they protect, they will read iris’s work; when people consider journalists and their superhero subjects and ethics, they will read iris’s work; when people want to talk or write about the flash they will cite her work!


i made some very spooky morning glories icons. so spooky.

if you want to use one for this very spooky month, go for it. just like and/or reblog this so i can see you being oh so spooky. there’s captions on each icon if you want to see what they all are.

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You’re just… the man who kept me fed and in clothes, who sat beside my bed at night until I fell asleep because I was afraid of the dark. Helped me with my homework, you taught me how to drive and shave and you dropped me off at college.

DC COMICS POWER COUPLE: Superman & Lois Lane
Superman and Lois Lane refuse to tolerate bullies, and will always stand on the side of the oppressed. They believe in Truth and Justice with capital letters and fight for them every day. Lois does so without superpowers or a secret identity, as Clark hopes he would, even without his incredible gifts. Unlike everyone with power (physical, financial, political, intellectual) that Lois has ever encountered, Superman’s the only guy on Earth with enough power to save the world actually jumping at the chance to do so. Incorruptible power meets fearless mortal. Marriage ensues. They’re the best romance in all of superhero comics history and only make more sense the more you think about them.” - Dean Trippe


Donna Troy's 90's street style

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Henry Cavill on Superman